In this selection of editorial work:
Fig. 1 OTHERS by Edward Newton (Design, Art Direction and co-editing).
Fig. 2 THE WHITE REVIEW, Issue 3 (Design, Art Direction, Typeface design) ­— featuring Will Self, Marina Warner, Stephen Gill, Alison Rossiter, Elmgreen & Dragset.
Fig. 3 THE WHITE REVIEW, Issue 2 (Design, Art Direction, Typeface design) ­— featuring William Boyd, JH Engstrom, Richard Wentworth, Noam Toran & Onkar Kular.
Fig. 4 BLACK BOX PROJECTOR by Andrew Vallance (Design, Art Direction).
Fig. 5 THE WHITE REVIEW, Issue 1 (Design, Art Diection, Typeface design) ­— featuring Paula Rego, Marcus Leatherdale, Tom McCarthy, Anthony Rudolf, Andre Schiffrin.
Fig. 6a KILIMANJARO by Olu Michael Odukoya, Issue 12, text spreads (Design) — featuring Hauser & Wirth, Susan Hiller, Roman Signer, Damo Suzuki.
Fig. 6b ibid. Image spreads (Design) — featuring Anuschka Blommers & Neils Schumm.
Fig. 7a KILIMANJARO by Olu Michael Odukoya Issue 11, text spreads (Design) — featuring AA Bronson, Marina Abromovic, Martin Creed, Wengachi Mutu.
Fig. 7b ibid. Image spreads (Design) — featuring Anuschka Blommers & Neils Schumm, Jeffrey Milstein.
Fig. 8 CECILE BAHNSEN, Look Book (Design, Art Direction, Typeface design) ­— photography by Olivia Frølich.
Fig. 9 1944 — 1991 by Indre Serpytyte (Design and co-editing) — writing by Martin Barnes and Matthew Baker.
Fig. 10 THE TREASURE ACT by Kate Morrell (Design and co-editing).
Fig. 11 MAPPING — UNTITLED, ongoing studio project (Design, Editing, Typeface design) — featuring Xavier Antin, Anne Harild, Kate Morrell.

In this selection of typefaces:
Fig. 1ae JOVIAL — in collaboration with Yann Le Bec (Roman and Italic).
Fig. 2ae JOVIAL (OPERA) — in collaboration with Yann Le Bec (Roman).
Fig. 3ae OPTIMISM — bespoke typeface (Roman and Italic).
FIg. 4ae JOYOUS (BLANCHE) ­— bespoke typeface for THE WHITE REVIEW (Roman and Italic).
Fig. 5ae JOLLY ­— bespoke typeface featured in Its Nice That Magazine (Roman).
Fig. 6ae NEW OPTIMISM — bespoke typeface (Roman).
Fig. 7ae MIRTH (WIMPENNY) ­— bespoke typeface for WIMPENNY (Roman).
Fig. 8ae MIRTH (WIMPENNY) AUREUM ­— bespoke typeface for WIMPENNY (Roman, caps only).
Fig. 9ae LARK (STRETTO) ­— bespoke typeface (Roman, caps only).
Fig. 10ae LARK BLACK ­— bespoke typeface (Roman, caps only).